Hardcore Programming Screencasts

These screencasts are the opposite of what you're used to. Instead of toy examples, they're set in production code. Instead of fad frameworks, they teach timeless tools. Instead of being aimed at the average programmer, they're aimed at non-beginners (or abnormally rapid learners) -- people with a near philosophical interest in code. Instead of exclusively focusing on code, they also touch on business and marketing concerns facing all commercial software. Instead of focusing on one language, they're language agnostic.

Presented by Jack Kinsella
Someone whose been around the block more than once in his 10+ years' professional experience.


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Get Your First 1000 Users

Most programmers start off good at building and bad at marketing. These videos will correct that. I teach everything I've learned in growing Oxbridge Notes from an MVP no-one knew about to a business reaching over $30k/month revenue. As a programmer myself, I focus on marketing techniques that leverage tech skills for scalable/automatable marketing. Therefore I'll teach mass SEO, how to online advertise profitably, how to leverage Analytics to evaluate your effectiveness, what email marketing campaigns to use to double customer lifetime value, how to AB test conversion optimizations, and much more.

March 22, 2020

System Design for Web

Learn system design and architecture in context, via a behind-the-scenes tour of Oxbridge Notes, a profitable web app serving over 200,000 requests/month for 10 years (albeit with bleeding edge code). See how performance is improved with queues, DB indexes, memcached, full-text search, micro-services, and HTTP caching, how production errors are tracked and escalated when necessary, how classes are organized into a sensible architecture, how its containerized for continuous integration testing, how git is used to minimize conflicts and more. At the end, you'll know exactly how to do the same and be able to ace any system design interview.

June 13, 2020


The Vim editor is a timeless investment in your tech skills, one of the biggest force-multipliers in your programming career, and profoundly fun to boot - at least once you've gotten the hang of it. Over my decade of using Vim as my only editor, I've written myself a guide to elegantly handling hundreds of situations with minimal keystrokes. By the time you finish watching these videos, you and Vim will have merged to become one beautiful code-editing machine. :wq

April 05, 2020

Timeless Programming Paradigms

Despite the buzzword bingo and proliferation of fad frameworks, the important things in tech don't change. These videos focus on workflows, skills, and ideas with an expected lifetime of an entire career. What workflows reduce errors, how does UNIX work, how can you debug by peeking one-layer-deeper in the stack, how does the HTTP protocol work, what truths about humans are relevant when writing code etc.

May 03, 2020

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These screencasts are great - I love the intentional focus on marketing as well as technical excellence.

This content is absolute gold.

Finally, a real engineer showcases a real world project.

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