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Most programmers start off good at building and bad at marketing. These videos will correct that. I teach everything I've learned in growing Oxbridge Notes from an MVP no-one knew about to a business reaching over $30k/month revenue. As a programmer myself, I focus on marketing techniques that leverage tech skills for scalable/automatable marketing. Therefore I'll teach mass SEO, how to online advertise profitably, how to leverage Analytics to evaluate your effectiveness, what email marketing campaigns to use to double customer lifetime value, how to AB test conversion optimizations, and much more.

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We take a look at the main flows through a web application I've been running for over ten years, OxbridgeNotes. You'll see each side of this marketplace, along with its admin area. You'll visit Google Analytics to see the traffic figures, and afterwards we'll return to the command line and analyze the codebase size, showing off some handy tools in the process.


I'll show you how I came up with the idea for my online business, show just how minimal the first version was, and show how I went about marketing it. Then I'll give two examples of where I failed to use minimal viable product reasoning and how it caused untold waste.


This episode goes through some of the strategies I used to get north of 200k monthly organic page views to my website. I'll cover picking keywords through Google Keyword Planner (and why it's important to build your code naming conventions around these), structured data (which increase CTRs on Google), and scalable mass-content creation - what I believe to be the best strategy for SEO both when I began in 2010 and ten years later when I released this screencast in 2020.


This video continues where Part I left off. Here I talk about managing the limited Google crawl budget (by instructing it to ignore boring pages), preserving accrued SEO juice when users edit their own content on your website (or when you fix typos), getting into the Google Images game, dealing with shadowed content when two users create pages with the same name, and automated tools to audit your on-page SEO.


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