Privacy Policy

If this isn't clear enough or you require any more information about our privacy policy, please feel free to contact customer support requesting that your enquiry be directed towards our data privacy officer.

The privacy of our visitors is of importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information received and collected by Semicolon and Sons, and how it is used.

Info We Collect About You

We want to be clear about what sorts of information we gather about you. Broadly speaking, we collect info needed to help us fulfil our accounting requirements to the government (your address, your country as calculated from your IP address), information to help us determine appropriate special offers, information to facilitate customer service (e.g. by comparing IP addresses of accounts, we can determine when a customer has accidentially created a second account without their downloads due to a typo), information to combat fraud (e.g. we monitor how often files were downloaded, and from what IP addresses, in order to build cases for fighting credit card fraud), information to debug broken code, and information to help us determine statistical trends with our business (e.g. what pages you viewed, as seen through Google Analytics).


We store your passwords in an encrypted format such that our staff cannot read them.


We use cookies to maintain user sessions for log in and also to track user behavior across multiple devices. We also use third party cookies as listed below.

Log Files and Google Analytics

Like many other web sites, we make use of log files and Google Analytics. The information inside both includes IP addresses, geographic data, types of browsers, Internet Service Providers (ISP), date/time stamps, referring/exit pages, and number of clicks. We use these primarily to debug our codebase, improve our website's speed, and analyse broad trends as to inform management in making decisions about the business's future strategy. Google Analytics stitches together sessions across time and devices.


As with most other websites using Stripe, Stipe provides us with information about you. We use this information for mandatory taxation and accounting purposes.


We let third party advertising companies track whenever you have visited Oxbridge Notes and its affiliated websites. We also use identifying information (such as your email address) to create custom advertising lists. Both of these sources of information are used to redisplay advertisements to you on other websites, such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and websites affiliated with the aforementioned.

Conversion Tracking

We use conversion tracking to track whenever you have done certain commercially valuable actions on our website, chiefly when you have made a purchase. This conversion information is later used by us to figure out what advertising campaigns were effective in triggering this sale. Conversion tracking is done in association with a third party advertising provider (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google), who also have access to the data.

Customer Service

Besides storing this data ourselves, the third party providing our chat widget (Fresh Chat) will also have a copy.

Multi-device tracking

We use Google Analytics universal User-ID to associate engagement data from different devices and multiple sessions.