Episode #8

Google Analytics IV: Content Drilldown, Checkout Behavior, and Benchmarking Reports

Today we're going to focus on an advanced Analytics report that's gonna take your understanding of your website visitors to the next level: the content drilldown report. This is a godsend when you have a website whose pages can be classified into categories or templates (e.g. product pages, taxon pages) and you want to understand the relative performance characteristics of each of these categories (as opposed to individual pages within those categories). Then we look at the most important target in the entire field of conversion optimization: your checkout flow - and we will use Google Analytics to figure out which stage is leakiest and most in need of your attention. Lastly we'll visit some benchmarking reports that help you answer the question every website owner has: how do my figures compare to my competition? This can reveal insights - such as the fact that you are missing out on a major marketing channel popular in your industry.

October 18, 2020

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