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The Vim editor is a timeless investment in your tech skills, one of the biggest force-multipliers in your programming career, and profoundly fun to boot - at least once you've gotten the hang of it. Over my decade of using Vim as my only editor, I've written myself a guide to elegantly handling hundreds of situations with minimal keystrokes. By the time you finish watching these videos, you and Vim will have merged to become one beautiful code-editing machine. :wq

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Vim / Episode #1

Watch three typical workflows of someone with a decade of Vim experience. I'll edit 40 files at once with :argdo, turn bags of JavaScript functions into classes with a macro, then create a keyboard shortcut for playing the mp3 under cursor.


Vim / Episode #2

A whirlwind tour of ways to navigate between files in your project. I show how to go to a method/class definition, its invocations ('references'), to any method that matches a regex pattern, or to a tag generated with universal ctags.


Vim / Episode #3

Vim is a command-line tool and therefore comes with all the modular conveniences this entails - such as the ability to respond to signals, to be opened with special flags, or receive input from a pipe.


Vim / Episode #4

This episode showcases a grab-bag of features that developers accustomed to IDEs will appreciate in vim, such as how to execute the current file from within the editor, how to run tests related to the current function, how to integrate with git source control to stage and commit files, how to write and use code snippets, how to do syntax-aware commenting and uncommenting, and how to avail of automatic project-wide method name refactors using the LSP.

Vim / Episode #5

I demonstrate six ways of doing autocomplete in Vim: based on strings in the current buffer, functions in the codebase (using Universal Ctags), file names in your project, full lines in the buffer, dictionary words, and - last-but-not-least - any class/constant/function in your codebase using the Language Server Protocol (LSP).


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