Praise for Semicolon&Sons

I don't think I'd have made it this far if it wasn't for the kind words and support of all the people who believed in Semicolon&Sons. Thank you! 🙏❤️

Just discovered your little video series and so far this is great! You can feel those tips are anchored in the reality of someone with true 'skin in the game'. This is refreshing, especially compared to the usual drivel about Micro-service/Agile/Whatever we hear peddled by consultants.

Splendid job! Efficient & elegant manner combines with the true knowledge for an aesthetics pleasure. High quality content here!

Finally, a real engineer showcases a real world project.

Really good 👍

This content is absolute gold.

I am really enjoying this. The format feels novel and raw. I think your story will be very valuable.

Inspired by @semicolonandson , I’ve been investing my time to truly grok what I consider to be timeless technologies (SQL, Bash, CSS). I’m already seeing dividends in my work

Not gonna lie, @semicolonandson really nailed it with #vim

I'm LOVING the content. I keep pausing the video to implement as fast as I can!

I burned through all the screencasts and really enjoyed the density of insights and practical ideas.

The story is really cool and something I aspire to replicate in my own ways in my own indie hacking journey. I will definitely stay tuned for each screencast.

I'm in love with the material on Semicolon&Sons. I run a small online course at, and your SEO advice was incredibly valuable.

These screencasts are great - I love the intentional focus on marketing as well as technical excellence.

Very useful!

As a solo founder and modal editing enthusiast I wanted to reach out and thank you these videos. Keep up the great work!

Semicolon & Sons is my favorite series on Youtube. It's incredibly compelling to me to know that a) the codebase examples and workflows are production-level, and b) he bootstrapped a company on his own to (what I consider) great success.