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Despite the buzzword bingo and proliferation of fad frameworks, the important things in tech don't change. These videos focus on workflows, skills, and ideas with an expected lifetime of an entire career. What workflows reduce errors, how does UNIX work, how can you debug by peeking one-layer-deeper in the stack, how does the HTTP protocol work, what truths about humans are relevant when writing code etc.

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I believe a surer route to good programming is focusing on avoiding mistakes rather than focusing on doing things 'right'. In this episode, I give four tips for adding a modicum of rigor to your programming. First, proof-read all changes before committing. Second, execute every line of code. Third, double-check you're in the right file. Fourth, double-check your docs are for the right version.


Continuing on from part I, this week focuses on easily avoidable mistakes. It teaches techniques like being mindful of interfaces between programming languages, matching of closing entities, and being aware of the availability of functionality in alternative contexts and platforms.


Continuing on from part III, this episode focuses on reducing silly mistakes when programming. Do you truth-table logical possibilities to ensure you don't miss a critical branch in your logic? When you discover a bug, do you search the rest of your code for parallels that are caused by similar mechanisms or the same misunderstanding? And, lastly, are you running all those tests and linters you wrote on a regular basis?


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