Do your DB calls in the controller not your views

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Last Updated: 2024-04-13

I had a bunch of DB-query triggering methods in some view code:

<% if @product.related_products %>
  <%= render partial: 'related_products', locals: {products: @product.related_products}  %>
<% end %>

After an upgrade that required some optimization of the database to maintain speed, I found it tricky to locate where exactly all my DB queries were located, since they were spread out over the views. I realized through these pains that this was a bad practice.

Ultimately I refactored all these queries out to the controller, so that they were visible (and could be DB-optimized) in one place:

class ProductController
  def show
    @product = Product.find(safe_params)
    @related_product = @product.includes(stuff_to_avoid_n_plus_1_queries)