In merges head is always the current branch

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Last Updated: 2021-05-15

I was on feat1 branch and typed git merge development. I got a conflict and didn't know which bits belonged to which branch.

<<<<<<< HEAD
        <div class="progress_bar_text">
            <h4>{!! trans('strings.general.step_1') !!} &#8212</h4>
            <h3>{!! trans('strings.profile_management.contact_info_heading') !!}</h3>
          <p>{!! trans('strings.profile_management.contact_info_instructions') !!}</p>
        <div class="view_mobile">
          <?php echo file_get_contents("svg/step_1_vertical.svg"); ?>
>>>>>>> development

What is HEAD above?

Answer: HEAD is always current branch. Therefore it was feat1 in this case.