Tell user what to change when they call outdated API

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Last Updated: 2024-03-02

When I updated my Ruby linter Rubocop, it failed with the LSP. But the failure mode was excellent, showing me how to fix things without me having to Google. This is a graceful way for the Rubocop team to keep things evolving without causing too much pain to those people using the library.

Here was the error message, which told me exactly what to modify:

Failed to document format for solargraph: [RuboCop::ValidationError] 

The `Layout/Align Parameters` cop has been renamed to `Layout/ParameterAlignment`.
^@(obsolete configurat ion found in .rubocop.yml, please update it)

^@The `Naming/UncommunicativeMethodParamNa me` cop has been renamed to `Naming/MethodParameterName`.
^@(obsolete configuration fou nd in .rubocop.yml, please update it)