How to dry up repeated flags in bash scripts using wrapper functions

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Last Updated: 2024-03-02

I was working on a bash script to get WordPress plugins installed. There was a lot of error-prone repetition, as follows:

wp plugin install --activate wordpress-seo --allow-root --path=/usr/src/html
wp plugin activate advanced-custom-fields-pro --allow-root --path=/usr/src/html
wp plugin install --activate acf-content-analysis-for-yoast-seo --allow-root --path=/usr/src/html

What was the best way to remove it? Answer: create a transparent wrapper function that includes those arguments:

wp() {
  /usr/local/bin/wp --allow-root --path=/usr/src/html "$@"

wp plugin install wordpress-seo
wp plugin install advanced-custom-fields-pro