Check for false meaning failure in your functions

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Last Updated: 2024-03-05

I had the following code for uploading files:


function uploadFileViaSftp($file)
  $this->sftp->put($file, $file, SFTP::SOURCE_LOCAL_FILE);
  return true;

The entire function returned true, yet it didn't work right. The issue? The first function call sftp->put returned false (instead of an exception, as I was expecting with no good reason). I didn't inspect this output and just returned true no matter what.

Instead I should have had:


$success = $this->sftp->put($file, $file, SFTP::SOURCE_LOCAL_FILE);
if (!$success) {
  throw new Exception('File upload failed');


Use more if statements and exceptions to ensure some crucial step didn't return false. Not all library or language functions throw exceptions where you imagine they would or should.